About the event

From September to December 2017, the research project „Reallabor Asylsuchende in der Rhein-Neckar Region“ invites you to six Tuesday evenings in the rooms of the Volkshochschule Heidelberg.

Download: Flyer „Erfahrung weiter-leben“ (German)

The series Erfahrung weiter-leben (Continued experience) invites you to think about the ways in which refugees can pass on their experience—their knowledge, expertise, and their experiences of fleeing—to the German migration society. The speakers, mostly cultural workers and activists with their own past of seeking refuge, display and bring their experiences to life in the form of art projects, cultural work and political protest. They invite people to collectively remember and learn from each other. The events take place every two weeks, and different formats and approaches to these topics are chosen.

The following two events take place in English:

10. October 2017: ‘Photography, criticism and participation’ with Parwiz Rahimi and Hosam Katan

24. October 2017: ‘My struggle – my message’ with Salah Zater

Participation is free, registration is not necessary.

The remaining events:

26. September 2017: ‘Ankommen gestalten. Chancen und Schwierigkeiten in der Kulturarbeit mit und von Geflüchteten’ (‘Shaping arrivals. Opportunities and difficulties in cultural work with and by refugees’) with Dr. Caroline Gritschke – in German

7. November 2017: ‘Flucht in die Kunst? Ankommen durch Kunst’ (‘Escape into art? Arrival through art’) with Adamu Mamo Kebede and Hakam AlMostafa – in German

21. November 2017: ‘Refugees welcome? Queere Geflüchtete in Deutschland’ (‘Refugees welcome? Queer refugees in Germany’) with Alia Khannum and members of ‘HOPE – Help and Participation for Igbtiq refugees’ – in German (talk) and English (discussion)

5. December 2017: ‘Identität und Kultur – ein Erzählabend’ (‘Identity and Culture – a Story Evening’) with Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani – in German

The „Reallabor Asylsuchende in der Rhein-Neckar-Region“ (Laboratory of Reality: Asylum Seekers in the Rhine-Neckar Region) examines success factors for the fruitful social integration of asylum seekers and refugees. Besides the Volkshochschule Heidelberg, the following partners are also involved in the series:

academic experience Worldwide e.V.


schwarzweiss e.V.


Silent University Hamburg